Wrath factions!

Wrath factions!

Wrath factions! ip: play.wrath.us

Vote For Wrath factions!

Hello Mine-server-list! This post is going to announce the release of our brand new factions server!

We have multiple new and exciting features to bring to you.

We also have big faction top prizes that are evenly distributed between the top 3 factions. (4-10 will be given smaller buycraft vouchers)


Release date » Our release date is not confirmed yet, we are currently trying to gather players into our discord. A vote will be done on deciding for our release date.

Grace Period » Grace period will be decided once our release date is set.

Server Prizes:

On our network for each server we will have a FTOP prize of $2,100. This amount will be paid out weekly across the 4 week map. (FTOP will not be paid for the first week of grace period)

Total Prizes:

$1,050 Paypal & $1,050 Buycraft

Weekly FTOP after grace period:

#1 $200 PayPal & $200 Buycraft

#2 $100 PayPal & $100 Buycraft

#3 $50 PayPal & $50 Buycraft

#4-10 will be given buycraft vouchers.

Event Prizes:

We will be hosting 1-3 events throughout the 4 week map. Wining or coming in the top 3 places of these events will award you (In-Game items and/or a Buycraft Voucher). Some events may only be able to have 1 winner other may have up to 3.

Map Information:

75 man factions, 100 Power per player. 0 Ally’s & 0 Truce’s

1 week grace period

Insiding bannable

Overworld (Event World Only): 600 x 600

Blizzard (Flat snow world y30) 5000 x 5000

End (Flat Endstone world y30) 5000 x 5000


» Smooth Cannoning

» Spawners act as a sponge

» Custom faction plugin

» Custom LMS plugin

» Custom outpost plugin

» Custom Genbucket plugin (printable)

» Daily events

» KoTHs

» Sell wands

» Craft wands

» Lightning wands

» Trench picks & shovels

» Tray picks

» TnT pouches

» Waterproof redstone

» Custom mob drops

» Money pouches

» Custom enchants

» A lot more other features!

Faction Leader:

If you are a faction leader and would like to play please pm JustSSme#7277 on discord.


Link » https://discord.gg/bWWNdrY

If you have any questions feel free to private message me them.



Helper on wrath! 

Owners contact : JustSSMe Discord : JustSSme#7277

Wrath factions!
Server Information
Wrath factions! IPplay.wrath.us
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/bWWNdrY
Registration DateMarch 07, 2019
Last Pingedabout 2 hours ago
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Version 1.8.9
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