Xegaming 1.17.1

Xegaming 1.17.1

Xegaming 1.17.1 ip: xegaming.com

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Now Updated to 1.17.1!!

XeGaming is a community based friendly survival server with a newly generated world and our Egyptian themed pyramid spawn Xelantis! We use precious stones to claim a 40x40 sponge area so everything you build is protected.

We are now running the Hide And Seek Minigame Use /has join to join an arena or select a arena at /warp hideandseek 

XeGaming has been running for over 9 years with friendly active staff on at all times. 

We have completely revamped our structure. We are now offering more mini-games, new rank structures, tons of new fun additions, Cosmetics, and better tuned survival and economy structures! 

We are now running MCMMO.

Even MORE fun plugins now - Minigames including TheLab with more then 10 minigames in it, and CubeRunner, fly for everyone in survival, Skyblock, OreGen SkyBlock add-on, Creative World with plots with rank based world edit, Head Database for Donators and up, Liquid Tanks For storing XP, Lava, Water, Soup, and more, Elevators, UltraCosmetics, SuperTrailsPro, XeXp to safely deposit your xp. Timber and a lot more. 

Come check out XeGaming Home Edition and find out what Small Scale Epic really means! 

The server is run on i5 Quad with 32Gs ram with Spigot on CentOs tuned by our resident Linux Guru. 

Experience the fun of those massive servers but with a manageable size community that actually enjoys your company. 

Also running standard plugins such as Worldedit/Guard, PreciousStones, CrateReloaded, Essentials, Citizens, LogBlock, LWC, Stables. ChestShop, xConomy, CraftBook, warpsystem, HeroChat, Xexp, Xjump and many many more... 

All tuned and configured to give you the smoothest and most fun experience. 

Check us out at https://www.xegaming.com. That works for Minecraft, Discord- https://discord.com/invite/0px0in3BsujNz06z , Website, Forums, and Twitter!

Xegaming 1.17.1
Server Information
Xegaming 1.17.1 IPxegaming.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.com/invite/0px0in3BsujNz06z
Registration DateAugust 01, 2020
Last Pinged6 days ago
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Version 1.17.1
CategoriesSkyblockHide and SeekFunSMPCreativeEconomyMinigamesPVESurvivalMCMMO
CountryUnited States of America flag