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Lands of Avalon

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Welcome to the 

We are a very welcoming server, our staff are very good at their jobs, they do not abuse power, but they do tend to play pranks on some players now and again. 

If a server where players get to help making the bigger decisions about what goes on in their server then we are the place for you! 

we have plenty of plugins, from towny to slimefun, as well as some more unknown plugins that can increase the fun our server can have. some of which include custom enchants, (our dev is working on making unique ones just for us) a special infinite dungeon world for those of you who want some loot as well as the exp grinding that the lack of silk spawners provides. 

we have plenty of experience working in small and large servers! with 20+ ranks to rise through! raise your power to that of King and rule the Lands of Avalon! will you be a kind benevolent King working with other kingdoms? or will you run on crusades to crush your neighbors and raid their stores? you decide!

Lands of Avalon
Server Information
Lands of Avalon IP167.114.208.237
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Registration DateAugust 07, 2018
Last Pinged14 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag