⚔️Wolfpack Factions⚔️ (1.8-1.14)

⚔️Wolfpack Factions⚔️ (1.8-1.14) ip: wolfpackfacs.mcph.co

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Wolfpack "in a Nutshell"

    Some of our features Include (but are definitely not limited to) : 

• Factions (v. 1.14, the most up-to-date and sophisticated version of factions)

• McMMO (authored by returning original developer) 

• GUI shop
• Bounty-hunting

•Pvp arena @ spawn

• Unique mob-stacking system

• Mob arena (see PMC page, crazy big! more in progress)

• Multiverse + multiverse portals

• Enhanced PvP mechanics

• Create, join, or go alone into the untamed wildlands

Generous playerkits ( w/ low cooldowns )

• Premium economy; get rich! ;)

• Survival

Conquer and expand with your faction or venture as a lone wolf!

• Save up and buy a castle

• Donor ranks/kits/perks (/buy)

• New server, still small & tight-knitted

• "UltimateShops" Premium player shopping

• RPG-style gaming experience provided in part by mcMMo but also by our unique array of plug-ins and custom biomes in certain worlds

• Fresh, fun, unique gaming experience


Questions/comments? Please don't be shy! Reach out to us here, in-game, on PMC, or via the server's general email - [email protected] - and you will receive a response within 24 hours. 

All the best, 

- LordTrillToke 


Stay tuned for our video coming soon!! :)

⚔️Wolfpack Factions⚔️ (1.8-1.14)
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