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Welcome to Bloxxel Ultimate Survival! [Current Client: PaperSpigot 1.14.4]

Bloxxel Ultimate Survival, is a modified, feature-packed 1.14 survival server with a plethora of custom & premium plugins, regular content updates, and a constantly growing community. We aim to continually expand our plugin library so that there's something here for EVERYONE! 

Our current features include the following:

--> Custom Ores Generation, New Items, New Weapons, etc., via the premium ItemsAdder plugin. This allows us to develop an infinite amount of new features for our server, all without any mods. Just accept the server's resource pack upon joining.
--> Custom Mobs and Bosses via MythicMobs and LibsDisguises.
--> User Friendly Land-Claiming via the premium plugin, Lands.
--> TPA & TPAHere commands make it super easy to play with your friends. Request to teleport to them (or any player).
--> Live server map accessable from aany device via Dynmap! (Check it out now! -->
--> A full-fledged economy system with a servershop, who's prices dynamically increase/decrease based on supply/demand.
--> Set bounties on other players via the BountyHunters plugin!
--> Paid Rank (VIP) to help keep the server alive, all while getting cool perks. (Perks added regularly! All donations are put directly back into the server.)
--> Friendly community and staff!

What we plan on adding/what is currently under development:

--> Centralized area for player-shops, taking jobs/quests, server-shops with custom items, & MORE!
--> General Rankup System that gives the player various rewards!
--> Multiple survival worlds with custom terrain generators!
--> A Miner's Realm with difficult mobs, but exclusive and powerful ores.
--> Any plugin suggested by the community (even premium) that would fit here!

Follow us on other platforms, where we plan to feature members of our community!
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Bloxxel Ultimate Survival
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Registration DateAugust 15, 2019
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Version 1.14.4
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