Babaria (Classic Survival, Economy, No Claims, PVP)

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Barbara is supposed to mimic a time where no one was truly safe. There's no land claim, so nothing is ever truly protected. You must guard your base and place it in the best place possible. Here, griefing and stealing is allowed, so you can be the hunted or the hunter. 

Ontop of this, players can place a server-wide bounty on a player. The player who kills the person with the bounty will get to claim the bounty and get money! Our economy works in separate ways. There's a shop at spawn, but there's also a player-driven auction house. If you don't feel like buying- just steal

Players have a lot of options on how they want to play. Money is not made with only one way. Money can be made with dueling bets, bounties, auction houses, selling monster parts at the shop, buying spawners, hunger games, or just stealing people's stuff and selling THAT

We have a small community, so every raid is that much more important. 

If you want to get a friend to join, simply make a party. Party members can not hurt each other!

Join Barbaria, where dominance and strategy is your way to success! 

Babaria (Classic Survival, Economy, No Claims, PVP)
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