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This is just a simple server I made to Bend with my friends on my discord. https://discord.gg/Njr9Xen
We all come from a high mobility pvp combat game, so I intend to make the combat very competitive. 

 So what I'm thinking is we will all start off as Airbenders. After we find a Nether foretress we'll become firebenders too. After we find an Ocean temple we'll become waterbenders. After finding a mineshaft, we'll become earthbenders. I kinda wanna beat the ender dragon with some of yall and go on the full minecraft experience with this cool combat.

If you're interested, the server ip is . Its open 24/7. You won't need to install anything besides minecraft to use the bending, since its a plugin and not a mod.

DM me if you're interested in playing! You can find me on this server https://discord.gg/Njr9Xen (I'm not gonna make assigning elements automatic since I want to know everyone who joins us)

I wanna organize a time with a few people so it means something when we unlock each element. I think we'll grandfather progress, so if you aren't on the server when we discover the nether fortress, you'll need to find your own to get fire. Anyways if you wanna play by yourself and randomly stumble across us, that's cool too. The mobility is very high so you could just invite your friends and fight each other for fun. If you want me to add elements to you, DM me screenshots of nether forretresses/mineshafts etc.

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Element Bending Server (Free Avatar)
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Registration DateJanuary 15, 2020
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