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About the server Eronix Network is a community focused server that aims to reach the highest expectations of players. With an 8 year server experience and a strong 2 year friendly community, we make sure that every player is significant

Factions Our factions server includes a range of creative and unqiue features to guide players to reach to the top. A strongly popular feature called, Mobcoins, is heavely based on our servers economy. Mobcoins come from mobs with a certain % chance of a drop. These mobcoins can go to rewards such as; Harvester Hoe's, Money Pouches, Keys, Trench Picks e.t.c We also have over 50+ custom enchants for players to choose and adapt to enhance their Faction Experience. Battlepass is also a great feature to help player's progress through weekly objectives to acheive great rewards! SMP Here on Eronix Network, We aim our SMP server to be Old MC Survival with a slight twist. Features such as Custom Fishing , mcMMO Credits, Quests and many more. The economy is spread varied with several ways to grind for money, Players can battle to the top for Leaderboards such as mcMMO Top, Baltop e.t.c No griefing or Raiding is allowed on SMP! We have much more to offer that is not mentioned here and hope to see you soon!

Eronix Network
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Eronix Network
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Registration DateMarch 26, 2020
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Version 1.8+
CountryUnited States of America flag