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Badscape (Towny) Intermittent Whitelist Mode . Be sure to still join and/or Apply on our Discord!!!

Are you getting tired of huge HUB servers? Too many people. Don't you just want to join and be able to get right into the wild and survive? Avoid the spawn killing? Us too!

Badscape has finally returned. We have lots of different things to offer this time. 

1. Keep Inventory 

2. mcMMO

3. Voting Rewards

4. Voting Rank which will allow particles and the /fly command!

5. Everybody has the /back command. Ranks start with 4 homes!

6. Skyblock, PvP World, Towny, Custom Plugins made by our own Devs 

7. Right Click Harvest function. 

8.Hoppers are not restricted. 

9.Donator Ranks

10. Spawners with some restrictions!

11. Events to earn more voting points for rank, spawner, ancient debris etc

12. The list goes on . 

13. Bedrock Editions can join our server and link their java accounts if they have one.

One of the most touching and friendly communities you will ever find. We do not tolerate trolls, griefing, or hackers. For this we are intermittently whitelisted. 

Long Time Motto:Badscape! We aren't just another server, We are a movement. 

Badscape Towny
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Badscape Towny
Discord Link
Registration DateOctober 11, 2020
Last Pingedabout 13 hours ago
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Version 1.16.4
CountryUnited States of America flag